Fitoor: Aditya Roy Kapoor-Katrina Kaif Give Us Reasons To Hit The Gym

Fitoor, an Urdu word for unsoundness of the mind, usually used when talking about situations denoting passion for someone or something. Directed by Abhishek Kapoor (director of Kai Po Che! and Rock On..!!), this film is said to be based on the love story of Pip and Estella from Great Expectations. In Bollywoodian scenario, Pip becomes Noor and Estella becomes Firdaus.

The film is beautiful, a pleasure for the eyes. The story, of course is yet to be known, since there are undertones of a political warfare set in white Kashmir. The promotional posters of the film had Katrina Kaif dressed in a pure white garb as she stands getting camouflaged by the snow with only her blazing red hair providing contrast. The trailer talks about the red of the Chinar (tree) and perhaps there is a metaphorical reference to the look of the film’s leading lady, who, I have to admit is looking nothing short of a Goddess.

Aditya Roy Kapoor played a man much-in-love in Aashiqui 2, but Fitoor shows him as more than just a lovesick puppy, and I’m sure glad to see this side of the VJ-turned-Actor. What’s notable is how the actors have worked so hard on their respective bodies that with every movement, slow or swift, you can see the muscles and the cuts, carefully carved and sculpted like they are real-life statues of beauty and grace.

The music of Fitoor, composed by Amit Trivedi is good, but definitely not his best work. When we think Amit Trivedi, the first thought that crosses our minds is a Dev.D or Lootera. Except Pashmina and Yeh Fitoor Mera, there is nothing to drive home about. Both songs, however, have something more special than just its tune. And that is the leading pair of the film, who are blending together like paint on a canvas. Watch Pashmina to see where Katrina Kaif has brought herself from being a pretty actress oft-ridiculed for her non-Hindi speaking ways (like a British National was expected to be the Paro of the yesteryears or something) or her thunder thighs to her lithe frame and remarkable yet flawed dancing skills in this love song which is winner in all departments, including the lyrics. What we see so far are several  metaphorical references in the songs including this one:

In 2:14 to 2:19, one can see how Firdaus (paint, color of Noor’s life) meets Noor (painter, canvas).

Nonetheless, the film will give you reasons to read and listen to soulful music, but that aside, it will also make you pledge to take care of yourself and aspire to look good in 2016. What do you think? That could be our ‘fitoor’.

Infact, come to think of it, was this breathtaking chemistry the reason for Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s recent split up? Let’s hope not. Infact, I recently read that Aditya is playing cupid to these estranged lovers, and we are supporting this cause virtually. 🙂


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