Making Memories 101

Mom said, “Beta, baarish mein matt bheegna, beemar padh jaogi. I would rather be careful hence I didn’t go for a walk when it began raining this evening.”

I said, “No one ever made memories being careful (by sitting at home). After all, we aren’t new-age Jules Verne.”

(Waah! Waah! *Self-pat on back for awesome comeback*)

Then I decided to amaze myself by leaving from work when it was still day and walked a few kms to get home, on the way saying hello to the beautiful sea and its waves riding high on a rainy day like today.

There are lessons for life one can learn from the sea, the waves, and the surf. Like Konkona Sen Sharma’s character in Wake Up Sid says, “iss badalti Hui duniya mein sirf ek samundar hi toh hai Jo badalta nahi.” It’s true. Fickle is fun, but not always (sorry Lavie).

I braved the heavy rain and captured some of those moments in my phone’s camera so y’all could see what I as looking at. I was making memories and reliving many but these are the moments that make you thankful for every breath you take.

And, here’s yours truly who just had to take a selfie in the rain…


I love South Bombay. More so in the rains. If you feel the same, even marginally so, then let’s connect sometime.

P.S. A few sad posts later, I am going to try my hand at light-hearted posts soon. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.




Hello Handsome…

IMG_20160423_140504321.jpgA month.

It’s been a little over 4 weeks, a month to be precise since you decided to move on,

It’s ‘that’ time of the month when you’ll be remembered more than you are on all other days, the date will never be forgotten…

You chose it to be this way, there was no altering your decision ever, but the least you could do was give an inkling. The news has only caused me to turn over… disgruntled, and I can’t apologize about this.

Break-ups are always bad, especially when you’ve invested yourself entirely in the relationship. It’s true when they say that one person always loves the other more and in the process, ends up getting hurt ever more.

I am happy you have moved on, you should. But this is the moment I ask you to look back and see what you’ve left behind. An emotionless statue, perhaps, one who breathes because there isn’t another choice, one who works because that’s the best way out of any kind of misery, and the one who once hoped, but doesn’t know anything, anymore.

My empty bank account was often touched by your love. Now it’s as void as my heart that’s forgotten expression – love, hate, compassion, anger.

Should I say thank you?

No Sir, not today. Today’s not your day, it’s mine. The day I’m going to recount the events of the month gone by.


The post has been written for Dad. He left us a month ago and I am angry at him today. Just today. I know we’ve all made ample promises to be happy and smile all the way through. But everyone has their days, don’t they?¬†