Baar Baar Dekho – Movie Review: Katrina-Sidharth’s Love Story Travels Through Time

The last seven days I have spent time giving this a fair thought, amidst work hours, during lunch breaks, one of the many sleepless nights that what I could possibly write about a film that I was expecting a lot from, yet was disappointed to see the final delivery on the screen. Would it have been the first time I was dissing a film? Anyone who has been reading my reviews over the last few years wouldn’t quite agree with this because I strongly believe that writing bad reviews is the easiest thing to do, just like being a plain Jane in a film. It’s the good ones that actually nag you till you’ve written something satisfactory enough to publish and God save you if that satiation only comes by 3-4 or more reworks. This is like getting to play the comedian in a film, ’cause you could be tearing up inside yet you are expected to always be happy and be successful in making the audience laugh because what good is a comedian if he doesn’t have what we loosely term as ‘the perfect comic timing’.

I apologize, but the feelings and the unexpressed angst against the film is causing me to digress into a zone I would probably have preferred venturing into at a later date, surely. So yes, Nitya Mehra’s Baar Baar Dekho is a film you are happy to be imagining via the beautifully shot and extremely melodious songs. Maybe become a modern-day Sanjay. Not that Mehra’s direction and storytelling is faulty, it just doesn’t blend with the flavor of the film. Was it the bad acting? Not when you have actors as evolved as Sarika, Ram Kapoor, Sayani Gupta (first seen in Margarita With A Straw opposite Kalki Koechlin), and even Katrina Kaif who believe you me, has evolved over the last 15 odd years she has spent in Bollywood looking good on the screen at all times. I was taken by her abs, obviously, because the fat on my belly wasn’t even burning out of jealousy. *Sigh* 

But we need to address the elephant in the room… our handsome non-actor Sidharth Malhotra because he has been given too much to do. This could have been his best work, to be honest. But he was debating whether he really was 46 years old and what he could do in his life apart from the thesis on Vedic Mathematics. But as per the story, he is a great boyfriend and a horrible husband. All because he can’t decline the marriage proposal yet is okay being a douchebag once the woman is his for keeps. Another question that arises in this scenario is, what takes Katrina Kaif’s character, Diya, 16 years to divorce this guy? Like several women in real life, there seemed to be no monetary issue that would have kept her with him when he clearly wasn’t in it. Anyhow, I am pretty certain you all know the story by now having read and watched several reviews so far. However, if you’ve missed Sahil Rizwan’s work, don’t miss it at any cost! Baar Baar Dekho is a bad copy of a few good films including Before I Go To Sleep (which had little bearing on the film) and Click (Adam Sandler starrer which was made when you could still sit through his films without feeling sick). All you need at a time like this is a good film to help you out of the hangover. Mine has already stayed for a week. Alas, Sidharth Malhotra’s easy equation caused a strange locha in my brain. 


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