The Wrong Piece Of The Puzzle

He fell off from amidst the other pieces kept together in the box of puzzle games when the bag that carried this puzzle was stored along with other of its own type. He was always told by the wiser (and other) pieces that he was unique and would always find his way back, even though his uniqueness, oft misunderstood as his peculiarity, would make him stand out wherever he went.

In his journey to go back to where he came from, he had several encounters, some good, some unpleasant, some that left scars deep enough to make the already indecipherable picture and letters on this piece more unidentifiable. One such meeting was with The Ugly Duckling and as we all know, the duckling too grew up to be a beautiful white swan, giving his story a well-deserved happy ending. As far as the story of this piece goes, he befriended many like himself, the ones who seemed to be the ultimate misfits at the outset, yet went on to find themselves by just following the path either they or the puzzle-solver so to speak, had chalked out for them.

The piece did find many puzzles thereafter, but his memory had soon started failing him about who he really was, where he came from and where was he headed. He tried his best to fit in wherever he felt he belonged but alas, the problem with being the misfit is that being sure of where you belong is an unsolved mystery, and usually remains one.

This piece, unique once, with a questionable status now, wants to find solace in the next best crevice or gap he can fill, find a middle ground from being the perfect fit and the complete misfit. He doesn’t seek to be The One, he doesn’t seek to be The Wrong One too. His past experiences have taught him one important thing about trying too hard, it won’t be long before the bluff is caught and that’s the time you can neither run, nor hide. That’s when he would go back to starting at the beginning of this vicious circle which, in his eyes, was meant to be linear. However, one can easily deduce that this process like an attempt to find a corner in a circle. Perhaps there will arrive a day when he is that piece the puzzle can’t be complete without.



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