Being A Free-Spirit: A Woman’s Perspective

A woman is a nurturer as much as she is a destroyer, she is a mother but can break you if it were up to her. It was correctly opined that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Nothing could be truer than this. When it is believed that a woman can make a relationship and keep a house, she can also break a relationship and cause rifts in the family. And yes, there are those who condition themselves otherwise. To conform to societal norms because being a non-conformist is most often than not associated with being a street-walker or loose, especially in a country like India.

So what does being a free-spirit really mean? Does it mean dressing up in really short dresses that show your panty line and making grand entries at night clubs? Does it mean being “okay” with falling all over random men, just ’cause it’s what your peers think is “cool”? Or does it mean freedom of thought – even if you’ve never stepped out of your homes and been dependent on the men of your household?


As an independent working woman myself, I believe it is imperative that everyone works, even if it is for a brief period of time, for these are the experiences that teach you several lessons for life, something like the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, or How To Win Friends And Influence People, decoded in simple language through the personal experiences at one’s workplace.

My intention is to bring forth the stories of some extraordinary women who have influenced my life in some way or another. Joining me shall be a Guest Writer, who will also find a space in my writings as time goes by. Be prepared for writing that’s no-holds-barred and gives a clear perspective on women through several real-life connections and anecdotes that we remember these ladies by.

Our objective is simple: Empower Through Words

So, get set, something awesome is coming soon. #AWomanInMyLife


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