Aerosmith said pink was everything from the color of passion to love at first sight, even “Pink it’s like red but not quite, and I think everything is going to be all right…”

All these thoughts hit me yesterday on what I can call my own promenade set along the Arabian Sea in this part of the bustling city of Bombay (Mumbai for most). The serene waters when the ebb was low transported me into another world just as I realized how blue I had been all these months. It wasn’t a moment of finding myself, but it was surely a step in that direction. Find myself not ’cause I feel lost or aimless, it’s just the fog that’s been thickening which needs to clear sooner than later, so the strong beam from the lighthouse doesn’t misguide the lone ship on unknown waters.

To put this feeling in a few words, I’ve seen red, I’ve felt blue, but it is the pink hue that makes me want to make my dreams come true.



Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 – What You Will See Here

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 has begun today and is on till the LOVE day of the year- February 14 – Valentine’s Day.

KGAF 2016 is like always a melting pot of art, culture, color and various passions that come to the forefront once in a year. The festival takes place at one of the most iconic spots of South Bombay (Mumbai) and while the reason the place was named so (Kala Ghoda) has been demolished, the spirit of the beautiful city remains the same, year after year.

At Kala Ghoda this year, you will see a mix of nature and various art installations that have been created the best out of waste technique. As the Bombay winter turns to scorching heat, this festival’s iconic placement ensures that you soak up the sun completely and to its fullest potential.

I visited KGAF this morning, the opening day, and every bit of it made me happy. It’s like a calling for every creative person out there. The colors add to all the vibrance, by day or by night. Check out some of the pictures below and let me know what you think:



In And Around South Bombay – Part 2

Long overdue, second instalment of pictures from one of my solitary walks around town.

Walks, I believe, are one of the best things you can do on your own. It clears your mind of daily clutter, helps you think ahead and obviously, work out. It is but a beautiful thing to find your company with yourself, it pinches less when there are fewer people who stay around you, with or without choice.


Especially if you’re the kinds who truly embraces independence, it doesn’t get better than this. So while not many would know yet, walking to some of the best locales around the world, is one of those crazy things on my bucket list.

Most of what I know of Mumbai (fondly and always called as Bombay) is via the several explorations on foot.


Stay tuned while I bring you some more of those nuances of daily life in the city.


For Part I, click here

P.S. Some of these pictures have been taken from a different phone, albeit with a slightly ineffective camera hence the haziness. In a lot of cases, it is the Bombay Smog also.


In And Around South Bombay – Part I

It’s been by far a pleasant day, a nice well-spent Sunday. But as I was walking out from St. Xavier’s this evening, I realized I must use the light just before the sun set and invited the dusk, transforming into the night. Those who’ve lived in Bombay city would agree that the sun hardly sets on one’s life here. You can make yourself so busy and make optimal use of time that it feels bad to see when one cannot, or does not.

I am, however, not judging anyone’s choices. As far as my thoughts go, I’d like you to know me better. And like I promised many months ago, open up aspects of South Bombay as I see it, to all of you out there.

Here’s Part I. 

WP_20160110_001The beautiful Victoria Terminus, now called Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 1715 hours. The clock tower continues to show the correct time, several years later. It has also been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. WP_20160110_004The vast expanse of Azad Maidan that is a favorite haunt for several cricket (and other sports) enthusiasts.  WP_20160110_009Notice the archway in this pristine old building. Many buildings that await restoration boast of architecture of this kind. WP_20160110_005This famous street transports several office and college-going crowd every day. The building houses a well-known company. The beauty captured from my camera… priceless. Leave it to your imagination to decipher the picture’s meaning, like creative liberty.WP_20160110_008A tree-lined road. A standard black-and-yellow-taxi and much more in one picture. Not WP_20160110_006Just a slight angle different than the picture above, only with the sunlight pouring in from the West. WP_20160110_002VT (Victoria Terminus) once again, camera angle a tad-right.WP_20160110_012As you walk down these roads, you come to realize it’s one better than the next, or they’re just sisters of the same fraternity. WP_20160110_011Notice the pleasant-looking balcony in this building. Great architecture, yes. But a great setting a fabulous romantic story also, perhaps. WP_20160110_007A few steps beyond, with the heart aflutter after pleasing one’s eyes to the beauty that this city within a greater city is. WP_20160110_003One of the branches of Deutsche Bank (the HQ) in a (thankfully) restored vintage building. WP_20160110_010

Another one of those with the lovely balcony. 

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